Best Makeup and Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Actresses

Bollywood actresses are always under the scanner for their fashion, style and look. With passing time, age tends to steal their charm and starts to reflect on their faces. However, our film industry is brimming with examples of timeless beauties, who have successfully managed to dodge this phenomenon.

These actresses have not only managed to beat wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of ageing but look gracious with every passing year. In fact, famous Hollywood actress, Audrey Hepburn, once said, “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, only grows.” And, these Bollywood actresses truly prove her right. Want to know how? Well, read on to discover the beauty secrets of the most graceful superstars of Bollywood.

How much we all adore the glowing skin of the bollywood actresses and wonder what they apply. Or those thick glossy magazines that make you crave for that hot bod. And how do they tame their mane? Am sure everyone here is keen to know the beauty secrets that our bollywood divas follow in their beauty regime. Being well groomed can never take a backseat! It helps you be presentable everywhere you go. Cause when you look good, you automatically feel good and all other things just fall in place. So note down these beauty tips straight from tinsel town and. Here is the list of top beauty and makeup secrets of bollywood actresses.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: beauty and fitness secrets


Well she is my favorite actress and I have followed her all these years so much that by now I know her beauty regime by heart. Hah! Anyway, Kareena Kapoor’s dewy skin is what I envy the most. When asked how she gets that glow she thanks her genes saying her mom glows even more than her. Kareena doesn’t like having pancake makeup or any harsh chemicals on her face. She also doesn’t believe in facials. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily is the key.

Beauty Secrets of Kareena:

Kareena feels that using face wash in the morning strips all the moisture and so she just has splashes of cold water on her face. During the night she uses a Lancome face wash. She uses Sisley Hudra-Global Intense Anti-Ageing Hydration Moisturiser and a Clarins sunscreen. She uses YSL brown eye pencil and mascara. Her essentials are a Cherish Mac Lipstick, Mac improper copper blush and Chanel kohl. For a casual outing she just has kajal and pale pink lipstick. Her perfumes include Jean Paul Gaultier and Un Jardin en Mediterranee.

Hair Products used by Kareena:

Kareena uses a Keratese shampoo. She goes for an oil massage which is a combination of four oils, castor, almond, olive and coconut oil once in a month. She also likes to blow dry her hair in order to add volume.

Fitness and Diet Secrets of Kareena:

Kareena follows a vegetarian diet and eats lots of vegetables like broccoli, fenugreek and spinach. She eats every two-three hours. She likes her rice and dal with ghee. She also makes sure to do ashtanga and power yoga daily for at least an hour.

 2.Rekha ; Secret of her healthy skin

The mystical beauty of Rekha continues to mesmerise many even after so many years. Crowned as the ‘evergreen timeless beauty’, Rekha follows a simple beauty regime. So, here is her beauty and fitness mantra for you:

Skin and Hair used by rekha

Apart from regular cleansing, toning, moisturising and removing makeup before dozing off, she relies on spa treatments and aromatherapy for a supple skin. To maintain her long locks, she uses a hair pack made of yoghurt, honey and egg white. Hairdryers and artificial hair products are a big no-no for her.

Diet secrets of Rekha

She drinks 10 to 12 glasses of water every day and always maintains a healthy diet. She avoids junk, fried or overcooked food. The actress is ‘vegetarian, rather, an eggetarian’, and eats a lot of fruits and nuts.

fitness secrets of Rekha

The iconic beauty exercises regularly for about 10 to 15 minutes every day to stay fit and active. The actress has been an ardent lover of yoga and meditation since years, and diligently practices the same every day. She also loves dancing and is also a cleanliness fanatic. Thus, the household chores, gardening and dancing she does are the natural workouts for her.

3. Katrina Kaif: secrets to her gorgeous skin


She is a damsel. Katrina Kaif says that looking good doesn’t have to be too complicated. She starts her day with 4 glasses of water. She says a regular diet and exercise are very important as it reflects on your skin. She always applies sunscreen before leaving her house. She also takes supplements derived from Acai berry and wheat grass powder.

Favourite Makeup of Katrina:

Katrina uses Shu Uemera Skin Cleansing Beauty Oil and Lancome Cleansing Milk for removing makeup. She uses a Mene & Moy Face Wash and La Prairie night cream. She also likes to have mineral mud masks by Anne Semoin. She uses Peter Thomas Roth Max Daily Defense Moisture Cream SPF 30 and never leaves without her Stila Lip Glaze in shade Apricot. Katrina has a Giorgio Armani Sheer blush, a Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara and a Mac Kohl.

Hair Secrets:

She uses Kiehl’s Leave-In Conditioner and Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Respiration Hair Pack. She also uses Keratese products.

Fitness and Diet Secrets:

She says there can’t be a fixed diet as they are constantly traveling to different locations. Also she doesn’t believe in strict diets, it just has to be sensible eating. She revealed that whenever she eats too many sweets and oil she feels it having a bad effect her skin. Whereas eating fish makes her skin better due to omega-3 acids. For her sculpted body she thanks her wonderful personal trainers. She hits the gym and also does swimming to stay fit.

4.Sonali Bendre ; secret of her stunning looks

Considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses of the late 90s, Sonali Bendre slowly moved away from the limelight after her marriage. However, in her recent comeback on television, Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh, she still looked as stunning as she used to. Just one look at her will make you understand, why she is a constant in Bollywood’s list of ‘yummy mummies’. This is what her beauty secrets consist of:

Skin and Hair secrets

Sonali’s sensitive skin does not allow her to use too much makeup. She also steers clear of toners and moisturisers. She only uses a basic face wash for sensitive skin, to keep her face oil-free. For her hair, she sticks to good old coconut oil, because of its antibacterial properties.

Diet secret

Sonali keeps a close watch on whatever she eats. She eats after every two hours and stays away from oily and fried foods. Her passion for leading a healthy life keeps her away from burgers and pizzas. It is only once in a while that she allows herself to indulge in junk food and that too, after much convincing. 

fitness secret

She works out thrice a week for an hour. Since she already has a lean frame, she works on building her muscles. That gives her a fit body and well toned look.

5. Alia Bhatt: Beauty Regime


Alia Bhatt says beauty is how you wake up in the morning, raw and fresh. You can often spot her having the sans makeup look. She advises to drink lots of water and juices. She likes indulging in spa treatments and her favorite is the Myrah Day Spa in Juhu, Mumbai. Alia suggests always being comfortable in your own skin.

Beauty secrets of Alia:

Alia says makeup is all about enhancing your features and adding colors. She also doesn’t like to wear too much makeup. She says guys don’t like girls who are too made up. They like girls who are normal and they can have a conversation with. In her handbag you’ll always find a lip balm, a hairbrush and a perfume. Alia Bhatt uses men’s perfumes. She applies the Maybelline colossal kajal which she also endorses. She prefers matte lipsticks as they are very much in.

Hair tips:

She washes her hair regularly, every alternate day. Alia has even been taking vitamins for skin, hair and nails.

Fitness and Diet tips by Alia:

She hits the gym very often and does a combination of pilates and weight training. She doesn’t believe in being too skinny and says that your body fat percentage has to be a certain way. It’s all about eating healthy and eating in proper proportions. She says even if you are eating a pizza have it in smaller portions. Her daily diet usually consists of egg whites, vegetables, milk, chicken and roti.

6.Madhuri Dixit secrets of her beauty.

Madhuri Dixit started her Bollywood career in her teens. And, even after so many years, she looks as fresh as a dewdrop. She believes in following a healthy lifestyle, getting a good amount of sleep and lots of working out for a youthful look. Take a look at what her beauty regime is like:

Skin and Hair secrets

For her glowing skin, she washes her face twice a day and applies the serum. During the night, she even applies a toner, followed by a night cream for a radiant skin. Besan, honey, lemon juice, and cucumber dipped in milk, are her favourite natural beauty ingredients to nourish her skin. For her hair, she follows the oil-shampoo-conditioner routine. To oil her hair, the actress prefers the mixture of olive oil and castor oil. And for conditioning, she uses a homemade conditioner made from mayonnaise or banana.

Diet secret

The leading lady eats five to six small meals throughout the day, which consists of lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, she stays away from aerated drinks and oily foods.

fitness secret

She loves dancing and that is her favourite form of workout. She practices kathak three days a week. Cardio, weights and yoga are her workouts on the other two days of the week.

7. Deepika Padukone: Beauty and Makeup Secrets


I know you all were waiting for this. While I was watching her interviews in order to write this post, I found her so modest, I wonder if she even realizes that she is the number one actress in Bollywood today. I love her dimples too. Deepika Padukone says that eating balanced meals, exercising enough, adequate sleep and avoiding drinking and smoking help her to stay healthy. And again, drinking lots of water is what she added.

Beauty regime of Deepika:

She says cleansing, toning, moisturizing(CTM) are the three basic steps. Deepika feels beautiful skin is great makeup and advises that less is more. She also says that different products work differently on different people. She can’t do without an SPF. She even emphasizes the need of removing makeup before sleep. She says the skin regenerates while we sleep and for that it has to be clean. Deepika suggests Garnier BB cream as it moisturizes and also acts as a foundation/concealer. At night she applies a hydrating cream. She likes sporting bold pouts in red. She also likes coral and nudes. She feels her eyes are her best feature and likes to accentuate it with mascara.

Hair secrets:

Deepika swears by the coconut hair oil. She likes to oil and condition her hair and gets an oil massage done once in a week.

Fitness and Diet secrets:

Being an athlete, fitness has always been a part of her lifestyle. She says she is an absolute foodie and loves trying different cuisines. She does have her cheat days like indulging in a chocolate dessert but it’s all just once in a while. Most of the days it has to be a balanced diet comprising of proteins and carbohydrates. She also talks how people tend to avoid rice but being a south Indian she has grown up on rice. She even carries fruits along with her. She says a strict no to crash diet. She always starts her day with a workout no matter how early she has to wake up.

8. Juhi Chawla gorgeous looks secret

Juhi Chawla is yet another actress who has maintained herself pretty well, even after moving out of the heroine roles. Always known for her million-dollar smile and the girl-next-door image, the actress is very diligent about her beauty routine:

Skin and Hair secrets

Juhi uses a moisturiser and an eye cream to keep her skin moist. She also uses a mild cleanser to clean her face. Her one golden rule is to, never sleep with makeup at night. So, before going to bed, she always uses Johnson’s baby oil to take her makeup off.

Diet secret

Juhi drinks about six to eight glasses of water a day which helps her in hydration. She starts her day with a big bottle of water or a glass of lemon juice with honey. Juhi does not believe in a spicy diet. She chooses baked and boiled varieties over fried snacks.

fitness secret

She follows Iyengar yoga to keep her body supple. A half-hour brisk walk on the treadmill is also a must. She also meditates every day.

9. Jacqueline Fernandes: Diet and Makeup Secrets


This Sri Lankan beauty is so gorgeous. Jacqueline Fernandez starts her day by drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in it. She also stresses on drinking a lot of water. She says balancing between exercise and good food is what everyone should start doing and start taking care of themselves.

Makeup products used by Jacqueline:

Jacqueline washes her face with Cetaphil cleanser and then a La Prairie moisturizer. Back as a teenager she had acne prone skin and tells the importance of CTM and exfoliating. She recommends The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. She carries a fruity body butter, lip butter and face spritzers in her handbag. She prefers BB creams and uses a Mac Compact. Issey Maiyake and L’Occitance are her favorite fragrances.

Hair care tips:

Once a week, Jacqueline indulges her hair in hot coconut oil massages. She also applies eggwhite homemade mask on her scalp and uses Keratese products.

Fitness and Diet tips:

She drinks green tea and had tweeted about having flax seeds on her salads, breads and cereals. She told her diet also helped in clearing the acne. She has macrobiotic diet and has more of grilled fish, veggies and a diet low on sugar. She also carries some fruits and nuts to snack on. When hitting the gym, she doesn’t want her fitness regime to get boring and hence does new or different exercises daily such as cardio, light weights, dancing, pilates and yoga.

10.Sridevi superb looks secret

At her age, fab and fit Sridevi can give any young actress a run for her money. Exercising, playing tennis, a well-balanced diet, and simple skin and hair care routine has kept Sridevi flawless today. She is a stickler for some of her beauty rituals:

Skin and Hair secrets

She does not like to use too many products on her skin. She applies glycerine and rose water on her face to keep it fresh. Spa session, fruits packs, head massage, and oiling her hair are just a few things, which she does often for her glowing skin and lustrous hair. Also, she makes it a point to go makeup-free to bed.

Diet secrets

She loves to eat simple home-cooked food, and believes in having lots of water. Her diet consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables and no fried, junk, or oily food.

fitness secret

She has a fixed fitness routine. She does power yoga and plays tennis with her daughters regularly. And come what may, she has to exercise every day.

11. Neetu Singh; secrets of her glorious looks

‘Health conscious’ Neetu Singh, firmly believes in the golden rule that ‘whatever goes into your mouth shows on your skin’. No wonder, she looks so stunning and gracious. And that is all thanks to her strict beauty regime, which is as follows:

Skin and Hair secrets

For a glowing skin, she drinks cucumber water. She simply adds some cucumber slices to a jar of water and drinks only that through the day. Apart from this, she also uses a multani mitti pack for her face, and never goes for facials. She keeps her hair short and her only tip to care for them is to keep them clean and grime-free, so that they can breathe easily.

Diet secrets

Her daily diet includes five servings of fruits and vegetables, an adequate amount of water, soup, grilled chicken and fish. She avoids eating sugar, ghee, butter, maida, oily, spicy or deep fried food.

fitness secrets

She believes in walking, exercising and doing yoga every day to maintain her good health and skin.

12.Hema Malini; secrets of her dazzling looks

One of the most glamorous heroines of Bollywood, Hema Malini, looks gorgeous even as she ages. The 66-year old ‘Dream girl’, keeps a strict eye on her diet and beauty regime to maintain her timeless beauty.

Skin and hair secrets

She uses aroma oils and Clarins cleansing milk regularly for her skin. The other product that she uses every night just before hitting the bed is the Aveda’s night cream. Less makeup rule is what she abides by. For her tresses, she uses coconut oil mixed with tulsi and neem.

Diet secrets

She drinks lots of water and two cups of green tea daily, to maintain the glow on her face. She also eats curd and paneer every day, and plenty of fresh and dry fruits for a well-balanced diet. She also believes in fasting sometimes to detox.

fitness secrets

Her exercise routine consists of cycling, dancing, pranayama and yoga to maintain her toned body and supple skin. 

These ageless Bollywood divas have proved to us that with a proper diet, skin and health regime, one can age gracefully. So, follow their simple tips and take good care of yourself to always look stunning and graceful.


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